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About Us

ChronicCare partners with Physicians, Hospitals, Payors, and Employers to offer Chronic Care Management Services to their patients. We are dedicated to helping people improve their health and quality of life by maximizing their healthcare outcomes. We bridge the gap between healthcare visits, in order to ensure patients are continually cared for each month. 


Dr. Cedrick Batchateu, Pharm.D., Founder and CEO

I'm Dr. Cedrick Batchateu, the Founder and CEO of ChronicCare. I am a graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. I have a passion for mitigating chronic diseases, and I wrote Self-Care Advocate: 7 Steps to Prevent Chronic Disease.


We bring a unique approach to Chronic Disease Care Management, by incorporating our lifestyle and dietary program in our approach. Having worked at a hospital for nearly a decade, I believe Chronic Care Management is a much needed solution for the support regularly provided to patients between visits. 

At ChronicCare, our mission is to build and maintain trusting relationships with providers and practices while helping to manage their Medicare patients with chronic diseases. At the heart of our services is care management, remote patient monitoring, wellness coaching, and patient advocacy. 

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