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For Physicians & Groups

ChronicCare allows providers to maximize patient management outside of clinical settings and offices. Increase your revenue by letting us offer our care management services to your patients.


Why Work With ChronicCare

Improve Quality of Care

CCM is a proven approach to improving patient outcomes. A Medicare study found CCM increased Primary Care visits by 9.5%, while decreasing ER visits and hospitalizations by 4.2% and 5.6%.

Reduce Burnout, Turnover

Your clinical staff are free from time-consuming documentation and phone calls and have more time for patient care, making their job more rewarding.

More Revenue, Less Workload

Health systems and medical groups can get paid for offering CCM to their Medicare patients. ChronicCare will implement the program while lightening the burden of busy work.

ChronicCare provides monitoring services across a wide spectrum of ailments for your patient population. We provide a white glove setup for patient onboarding, practitioner training, ongoing education, and enrollment. We also bulk upload patients directly from your EHR. 

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