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Helping patients towards better health outcomes.

Let ChronicCare manage your patients with chronic diseases in order to reduce hospitalizations, lower costs, and improve outcomes.


Medicare eligible adults have multiple chronic diseases


Medicare began reimbursing for value-based care (CCM)


CCM saved Medicare $888 per patient per year

Our Care Program

Chronic Care Management

This is care coordination services done outside of the regular physician office. It can include CCM, PCM, TCM, and RPM. 

Medication Reconciliation

Pharmacist review of patients' medications in order to reduce medication errors, and duplication.

Self-Care Management

Our self-paced program educating patients to adopt healthy habits on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

Proactive Patient Care

Value-Based Care Management

Monitor chronic conditions at scale

A single integrated virtual care platform to drive effective and proactive care for providers, hospitals, and even health systems. 


Diversify revenue streams

Federal data showed about 4,500 physicians received at least $100,000 each in CCM pay in 2021.

Coordinate care securely

Our HITRUST-certified, HIPAA-compliant, and interoperable solution offers security, reliability, and compliance to support care coordination at scale. 

Estimated Annual ROI


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